Friday, November 1, 2019

It's that time of year again

So the 1st November signals as ever the start of the blogpost per day challenge and after a full year of neglecting this part of the internet I am determined to meet this years challenge....... plenty of material over the last 12 months so there is no excuse for failing to put pen to paper/ finger to IPad. One of my last posts in November last year was about my preparations for the Dubai cycle challenge and today was the final build up ride - 85km. Very hard work this year as I managed to lose the peloton whilst battling the head winds in the middle of the desert and spent most of the ride on my own so definitely feeling it this evening (although it did not stop the traditional Friday night BBQ). Completed the course in just over three hours six minutes averaging at around 26/27kph so definitely room for improvement- although hosting the office BBQ yesterday at home was probably not ideal preparation!