Friday, November 30, 2018

Thrills and Spills

Today was "Swifty's" first proper run out after V and I had picked her new bike up earlier in the week. It was a beautiful Dubai morning with bright sunshine and still enough scent from the trees around where we live ( I have tried to find our what they are called to no avail - it has white buds and a shape rather like a fuchsia bud but with a strong honeysuckle smell). We did a couple of loops around the Mosque run and the up to the new Spinneys for a Mango juice(V) ans tea with croissant (me) before heading back. Just before we got back home V got her tyre caught in the gulley between the grass and path at the entrance to our courtyard and well and truly christened Swifty with a tumble. Apart from some scratches, bumps and bruises both child and machine seem to be OK but not a great way to start the weekend.

In other news the 7s rugby weekend started in some style with NC and chums and so Dad and I are looking forward to the rest of the entertainment tomorrow.

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