Monday, September 13, 2010


In my commuting days last year, I managed to rack up a huge number of points with Starwood Hotels and we decided to use some of them for an "end of Summer" stay at the Sheraton next to JBR. We had already stayed at JBR - for a week during our "look see" last Autumn and for a month or so following our arrival in Dubai at the end of December last year so we knew the area well.

We had a great time and it was quite interesting how things felt and looked rather different when staying there "on holiday" as opposed to living there!

I had negotiated an early check in and a later check out so we had the best part of two days lazing by the pool and swimming (me for the first time since moving to Dubai) in the sea by the Hotel's part of the beach. The kids loved the children's club and we were upgraded to a suite which meant that we all had a little more space. We visited some of our old haunts along "the Walk" and I also managed to catch England's victory over Bulgaria in the Euro-qualifiers - everyone was happy!

Given that we only live 20 minutes away from the hotel the trip home was also painless and everybody felt ready for the week ahead (including the (temprorary) return to school prior to the Eid holidays. We will be doing this again I hope.