Friday, December 2, 2016

The Long Weekend

The National day holiday and the rugby 7s have coincided perfectly this year (as has the weather) and today we achieved a good balance between the spiritual ( V. executed her reading with considerable aplomb this morning), and the sporting - Dad and I enjoyed another feast of rugby under another cloudless sky which included a trophy for the Irish ladies (although unfortunately not the English ladies). Dubai definitely comes into its own at this time if year and hopefully there will be more of the same tomorrow.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rugby 7s and other matters

Although it is now 1 December I do fell that I should carry on posting given (a) my tardy start; and (b) the fairly hectic schedule for this Holiday. We started off today with a visit to the the Bond a Exhibition at the Burj Khalifa. I had no idea where the exhibition was being held - obviously other than the fact that it away somewhere close to the Worlds tallest building but given he fact that the tickets said that it was next door to the Armani Hotel, I was somewhat concerned that there was unlikely to be any parking and even if there was, it wold be eye-watering expensive.

As it turned out it was relatively straightforward. Admittedly, we had to valet park at the Armani (and braving the various sets of security and gatehouses on the way in took a significant portion of my reserves of chutzpah....). However everybody was very accommodating and we soon found ourselves wandering next to the original James Bond Aston Martin and an extensive collection of JB memorabilia. V. had been very anti going (having visited the the Bond Museum in Covent Garden already) but it proved a hit with all the family with a wide range of gadgets from "Q" on display (with clips from the relevant Bond films showing on screens extra to each item where they were being put to use) but was the last to leave.

The display was very extensive and the coffee shop at the end of the exhibition was very welcome.

Thereafter a. Dad and I went straight to the 7s at the Stadium on the Al Ain road and spent a very pleasant couple of hours watching the rugby out in the desert. We had time after that finished for a BBQ and some pratice for Vs 2nd Reading at Mass tomorrow (her first time and given the numbers in the congregation - usually 600 - 800 - quite intimidating so all positive thoughts welcome!). All in all a very pleasant day.