Tuesday, December 1, 2020

A pinch and a punch....

A bonus post after the end of post a day November and we start the first day of the new month with a picture from our trip to the seaside yesterday - now that we live in the desert, our trips to the beach (a 30 minute drive) are much rarer but when we do go, are always enjoyable.

This is a picture looking towards kite beach and the Burg al Arab - in fact these are trainee kite surfers who were being put through their paces by no less than 5 kite surfing schools who had set up next to the running track (and what looks like a new cycle track albeit it seems to be mostly sand) yesterday afternoon. 

If you have ever seen a kite surfer in action it is a truly an art worth mastering as it looks great fun and also extremely difficult - almost all of these kites were being operated from  land -  presumably to practice control although there were a couple of adherents in the water.