Friday, November 23, 2018

Build up ride

So this morning my alarm ushered me from the land of nod (actually it had been a somewhat fitful visit as is sometimes these case when an early start is planned) just in time for the sounds of the early call to prayer to permeate into my bedroom. I do not normally hear the 5am call so was a little disorientated. However I was soon jumping into my cycle gear and speeding off to Al Qudra for the last of the 92km cycle challenge Build up rights (having previously done the 35km and 50km runs in September and October). It was a beautiful morning although as usual I had not left myself much time and managed to arrive at the start line just as the fast riders (projected average speed of 38kmph and above) were being readied for take-off.

In consequence I did not have time to buy myself a pump - having discovered last night that the pump I had would not fit the valve on the spare tyre. I had also forgotten to take out my protein bar so I started the ride hoping that for the next 85 km I would avoid a puncture and any requirement for an energy boost. Fortunately I avoided the former. However, by the time we hit the 50/60km mark I was definitely in need of the latter and had to make do with some slurps of water and hanging on to the back wheel of the group I had attached myself too in order to avoid labouring into the headwinds sweeping across the desert on my own. I have not done many of these rides (other than the 2 BURs mentioned above my previous experience of riding in a group in the desert was last years 92 km challenge) but this was certainly hard work and I will certainly make sure I get my energy bars at the ready (as well as a bit more training) for the main event in December.

Nevertheless it was an interesting experience and I gave three weeks to get myself prepared. The other big news today (other than Vs successful debate at JC) was that E was able to get V a racer bike at the Decathlon sale so hopefully are next trip to the Autodrome will be less hard work for her.

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