Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A day of driving

For various reasons I found myself on the road a lot today. Fortunately everything had more or less dried out after Monday/Tuesday's soaking so there was no more than the usual hair-raising driving techniques on display on the roads. These range from the sudden swerving across several lanes of traffic to avoid missing a nearly forgotten turnoff, overtaking in the outside lane using the small patch of hard-shoulder between the road and the crash barrier and manoeuvring without the use of indicators. This last trait seems to be almost compulsory on Dubai roads (as is beeping the horn at the slightest provocation and undertaking at speed so the combination of no signals and roaring up the inside of unsuspecting drivers is a particularly potent weapon in the armoury of the hard driving speed enthusiasts who seem to populate the roads). Inevitably some of these habits can rub off on hitherto blameless drivers so the general standard of driving never really seems to change no matter how long one lives in Dubai although you do definitely get used to it!

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