Monday, November 26, 2018

More stormy weather

The title of yesterday’s post was stormy weather and that is precisely what we got overnight culminating in a full on thunder and lightning display earlier this morning. The crashes of thunder sounded very much like we were in the epicentre of the storm waking me up. When I got downstairs I noticed a couple of dark shapes in the pool. On further investigation it turned out that the strong winds had blown two of our outdoor chairs into the water - one of which was in the deep end some 30 feet from its usual resting place so those winds must have been pretty strong, particularly given the fact that these were fairly substantial chairs. Fotunatley, other han a couple of overturned plant pots the rest of the garden was relatively unscathed although the journey into work this morning was somewhat hair-raising as the Dubai drivers took their usual uncompromising attitude to poor driving conditions (the absence of drainage due to the very low rainfall here turning the roads into swimming pools). Fortunately everything had dried out sufficiently by mid-afternoon to allow our second post work ride around the Cycle path at Meydan. To be honest I was still trying to recover from Fridays exertions but we managed 4 circuits (around 40km including the ride to and from the changing facility) so it was definitely worthwhile.

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