Tuesday, November 27, 2018

An Unexpected Swim

A further update on the my earlier posts regarding the havoc wreaked by Tuesday morning’s storm. I mentioned that a couple of chairs ended up in the pool. We managed to retrieve one of them on Tuesday morning but the other was down the deep end and not easily reachable without a long pole/broom handle. I was dissuaded from seeking to retrieve it last night when I got in from my bike ride given that it was pitch black so after I finished this morning’s ride E. and I started retrieval operations. I could not find a stick long enough to poke the chair closer to the side of the pool so I could try to reach down and grab it so E. and I took two ends of the garden hose and tried to use it to snag the legs on the chair to drag it up to the shallow end (which was markedly unsuccessful) and then to drag it closer to the ladder in to the pool. Although this was more successful (in that it was now close to the side) it was to deep for me to grab the legs and the steps/ladder did not go down far enough to allow me to get closer. There was nothing for it but for me to descend into the pool (I was wearing my cycling gear which had to be washed anyway so I figured I had nothing to lose (other than my dignity)). By this stage G. and E. and the gardener were interested spectators as I braved the icy waters (actually after an initial shock the water was actually quite pleasant!) and after a bit of groping around to get a good grip I eventually brought the chair to the surface and then squelched back into the house to dry off (unfortunately causing puddles of water around the house much to E’s chagrin). So a cycle ride and a (very short) swim to start the day - fortunately Dad had gone for his morning walk so at least I avoided having to explain the deficiencies in my chair rescue techniques to him!

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