Thursday, November 7, 2019

Walking on sunshine

Yesterday’s post is slightly late (only 24 hours….) mainly because of the golfing activities alluded to in my previous post. Regular readers will therefore be relieved to hear that I emerged from the experience (relatively) unscathed – I managed to pick up a speeding ticket on Hessa Street after I had purchased my new golf shoes so it was slightly more expensive than planned....

There is nothing more pleasant than spending an afternoon out of the office in the glorious Autumn sunshine of Dubai and yesterday was absolutely sensational weather - wise – clear blue skies, not to hot, and the course seemed to be bathed in a warm slightly hazy glow. Whilst my progress around the course was somewhat haphazard, I did manage to bump into a former colleague from many moons ago at the Dinner afterwards. She has recently retired which certainly gave me some pause for thought (although she is a slightly earlier vintage than me). Interestingly I now know a few people who for one reason of another have moved away from the main career – although it has to be said that most of them have not really retired but are focussing on something other than the daily grind (nice work if you can get it….). My Father was able to retire from the Civil Service at 57 which is not that much older than I am now – and he has made full use of the post-work years. However, given the age of the children, I suspect it will be a number of years before I am in a position to retire and certainly at the moment it seems a very distant prospect.

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