Thursday, November 14, 2019

Missing post?

I have found the post I was intending to post on Tuesday (honest) but for some reason I cannot copy and paste it from the email I created it in so it will have to remain in the ether until I have figured out how to make it reappear. Instead, I will recount my adventures this morning when I went on a corporate bike ride - slightly different from the normal run of corporate hospitality which tends to revolve around watching rather than participating in a sports event. This one involved a rather early start as we all met up at 7am at the desert cycle track and took a very leisurely spin around a path I had not been on before - very picturesque around rolling sand dunes and the odd oasis and we were also interrupted a couple of times by Oryx taking a stroll across the track. Although I have been on the desert tracks a number of times, this was the first occasion that I had seen them up close and they were an impressive sight - particularly the long slightly curved horns which definitely looked like they could cause some damage if you displeased their owner. Around 3/4 of the way around we took a detour and headed for breakfast at Bab AlShams - a 5 Star hotel somewhat improbably constructed in the middle of nowhere. We used to come out to it when we first arrived in Dubai as it is in a suitably remote location which was still driveable and the kids could ride on camels and watch falcon displays ( it also has a good curry restaurant). In those days it was rather affectionately known as Bab Al Shambles but certainly today the service was impeccable and after a good breakfast we made our way around the rest of the loop back to the cars (albeit into a bit of a headwind). A very pleasant morning and also counted as part of the 100 km cycle challenge preparations so pretty much perfect!

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