Friday, November 29, 2019

Another short post

Just a quick update. Emerged from the Cyclechallenge unscathed although feeling a little weary this evening. Good conditions for the ride and managed to keep up with the rest of the team until around the 60 km mark but the field was then quite spread out and the ride home was quite challenging. Was hoping to join on the back of one of the prominent riding teams (Oryx) but they started at the back and by the time they passed me they were going at a good rate but almost immediately after one of their members came off on the D54 bridge at Global Vilage so by the time I saw them again it was virtually at the finish. My own team were patiently waiting at the Motor City (although I was not the last one home). Whilst tired I managed a BBQ and "Some Like it Hot" tonight (A. was at a party) so looking forward to my bed tonight.

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