Sunday, November 17, 2019

Solar Powered

We bought our first solar lights when we were living in England over 15 years ago and they still reside - somewhere- in my Fathers back garden occasionally emitting a little feeble light when we remember to dust down the panel on our Summer visits back home. The technology has undoubtedly changed over the years and yesterday we unveiled the latest solar lights model - in the form of a strings of lights attached by Es brother D. to the pergola in the back garden. It was Ds last day before traveling back to the wintry depths of North East England so we invited our Australian friends around for some farewell drinks and to try out the outdoor bar I bought at the beginning of the Summer (we have kept it inside out of the heat and it also weighs a ton so transportation is not easy. The weather has finally been deemed suitable for outdoor activity and it also helped that D was around to give me a helping hand in positioning it) and to test out the new lights. On the whole the event was a success - the bar provided a convenient focus and the lights - whilst not particularly intense - bathed the whole scene in a soft glow. They even had a control panel which allowed the individual lights to glow intermittently in various combinations somewhat reminiscent of Christmas lights - another development in solar technology providing a point of difference with the original versions. It was a very pleasant evening and hopefully to be repeated over the Winter months.

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