Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Failing our quizzical

The problem with blogging about our trips to the Dhow & Anchor quiz (and regular readers of this blog will recall that my Father's visits to Dubai in November always involve at least one if not two pub quizzes) is that it becomes increasingly difficult to think of an original title to the blog post. I have not been back through the archives but I am pretty sure that the title of this post is not a re-tread of a previous title (although a theme might be noticed) and on this occasion is pretty apt as tonight's performance by the Loose Cannons (a play on the name our locale back in England) was pretty disappointing.

We always struggle on the picture round although with the help of two gentlemen on a table next to us we struggled to a princely 3 out of ten (still slightly disappointed that we did not recognise Judd Herschel and Iron Maiden). The "wacky maths test" round was virtually impossible unless you had an encyclopaedic knowledge of fairly obtuse facts (the shirt number worn by David Beckham while playing for Real Madrid and Justin Bieber's age being two particularly pertinent examples of what we had to contend with). There was also an abstract film round where you had to guess the film title from a very crowded set of pictures set in a cinema - this was an interesting round which we struggled on but at least gave us the satisfaction of scoring a third of the marks rather than what became a depressingly consistent 20% on the other right uns (save for general knowledge) - our aspirations are generally very modest - getting 50% correct is usually regarded as a success but tonight was tough so we are keeping our fingers crossed that next week is easier.

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