Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ride on time

Not the 1980s dance floor smash hit (apparantly the words are actually"right on time" but the Italian producer misheard the first word when it was originally recorded), but an appropriate title to commemorate my first proper go on my new indoor bike trainer.
Having spent a considerable amount of time (and many viewings of various videos showing how to assemble the equipment - what would we do without YouTube?), I finally managed to attach my road bike to my wahoo kicker (I am probably the least mechanically minded person I know so I count this as a major achievement). 30 minutes is not long in the great scheme of things but I also started listening to a new podcast series - E. is a great devotee of podcasts but I have been much slower to adopt so by combining use of my new training equipment with a (for me) newfangled entertainment medium I am very much breaking new ground at the moment!

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