Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Gaining my religion

Down to Jebel Ali this evening for E's Baptism, Confirmation and FHC. It was a lovely service with a pretty decent congregation for a Wednesday evening although no doubt swelled by the friends and families of the other candidates which probably numbered around 20 in total although E was in a smaller group of 10 or so who were doing all the sacraments. It was great that the timing of the ceremony worked out with Dad being in Town and able to attend and whilst I did not recognise any of the hymns (which I have got say must have been a first as I have heard many, many hymns over the years) they were all very jolly and sung lustily by the choir and the Priest.

E. had said that most of her fellow candidates were getting married which might explain why she was the lead candidate for the ceremony which meant that I did not get a chance to see what I was supposed to be doing in my dual role of Godparent and Sponsor but it all went off with out a hitch (although one of the candidates obviously did not get the memo about wearing white as she arrived resplendent in a red cocktail dress).

A terrific evening which I think the kids also enjoyed although I guess it must have felt a little unusual to see their Mother up on the altar rather than themselves at these kind of events.

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