Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Burnt rubber

Slight delay in yesterday's post which is not only late but also appears to have got lost in the ether - will hunt it down and publish it later but the subject of this post is the Car exhibition - Dubai's equivalent of the Motor Show in London where the latest models and car related gadgetry is put on display. This years edition has just started next door and it's main claim to fame so far has been the kerfuffle generated by the "drift and slide" track which the organisers appear to have set up outside our window - basically a car park where various high powered cars are driven at high revs in a series of concentric circles - doughnuts - leaving plumes of exhaustion and rubber-framed circles on the tarmac amid a cacophony of squealing tyres and roaring engines amplified by the surrounding office towers. Not ideal for the environment or for concentrating on work.

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