Friday, November 22, 2019

Memory lane

Our month of visitors continues with my old friend J in town - best man at my wedding and holder of many stories from our dim and distant youth (we were at primary school together and later at the local Grammar before going our separate ways at University bur then spending a memorable period together living in London in the earlier 90s). Although spending some time as a lawyer, J's career has been somewhat more eclectic than mine having dabbled as a teacher, security paper salesman and currently working for a FE college attracting overseas students to Sussex in the U.K.. He is en route back home having spent the last couple of weeks in the Far East and it is always good to catch up (albeit with a slight frisson of concern as to precisely which of the stories from our shared youth he will share with E and the kids). It is always interesting to hear how friends, family and connections from the past are doing. His father was a senior policeman from our home town and it is fascinating to hear how life has developed in the interim (J now has a 2 year old half sister which I guess as a someone over 50 is probably quite a thing to get used to).

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