Saturday, November 16, 2019

Political times

The UK is heading for a General Election and the political manoeuvring is well underway. Slightly closer to home (and in some ways much more interesting) is the nation states that V and her friends at school have created over the last few years - Albey ( not sure if I have completely the correct spelling) which is essentially a union of states with its own flag, National Anthem, constitution (22 Articles last time I was allowed to look), a prime minster and various heads of state (of the constituent parts) which provoked much discussion over amendments to the constitution and spheres of influence. The constitution is truly a work of art (although the spelling could do with a little work), and shows a breadth of imagination and detail which is truly extraordinary. I suspect Albee will go the same way as any political institution based only on ideas and enthusiasm but at least it was easier to understand than the current political landscape in the UK.

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