Friday, November 8, 2019


It has been a pretty mixed year so far. It did not get off to the greatest of starts as Es mother had a very nasty fall over the Christmas/New Year (fortunately while we were staying with there) and understandably it has been a long road to recovery. The first part of the year was also focussed on A's GCSEs and after a certain amount of cajoling he eventually did a great job and is now embarking on A level Maths, Physics and Computer Science. I have already alluded to Vs broken leg in an earlier post and this has been a major theme of the Summer as she has worked hard to recover. Workwise it has been a very interesting year with various departures and new joiners. The focus of the work has gradually shifted to the wider Middle East region so I have spent considerably more time on trips to KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman than in the last 10 years. Definitely interesting times!

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