Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He shoots, he scores!

As I have mentioned on previous blogs, A. is mad keen on footy. I received a call (from his Mother's mobile phone) during a meeting today in which A. proudly announced that not only had he scored a goal but that his team had drawn 2 - 2 - this a considerable improvement on the previous results where they had lost 8 - 0 and 6 - 1. He was a little bit hazy on the detail of the goal but from what I could gather it sounded like the goalie managed to dive over the ball and then turned to watch it rolling over the line - I wish I had been there to see it!

In the far distant days of my own playing career I can just about remember my early performances for Holy Family under 8s although unlike A. my early appearances were as substitute albeit as a centre-forward (I think all little boys in those far off days wanted to be the glory hunting striker although wow betide any "goal-hangars" who skulked around the penalty area while play was down field in the hope that some one would boot it to them from defence). Now it appears that the 'midfield general' is in vogue. I cannot really remember my own first goal but having recorded it on the internet hopefully A.s first one will live in memory and I hope this is the first of many goals from A.

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