Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rather disappointing

I had intended to publish a post a day during the month of November but was thwarted yesterday by the fact that the Internet was unavailable at home. It had not been available for a while and it transpired that this was because we had not paid the bills for the last thee months (so hardly surprising). We therefore hunted down an Etisalat payment booth (at Jumeriah Plaza) and managed to pay the bill and get connected to the world again!

In reality yesterday's post (had I been able to make it) would probably have made very little sense as we had spent most of the afternoon with some friends (S and G)at a BBQ. As part of our contribution to the proceedings I had decided to reduce our Pimms Lake (built up over the last couple of months due to me passing through duty free, knowing that I ought to buy something (alcohol is very expensive here)and choosing Pimms only to immediately forget about the purchase so that the next time I passed through duty free I did exactly the same thing. We therefore were the proud possessors of three full litre bottles of Pimms and yesterday's BBQ seemed the perfect opportunity to make some in-roads into it.

A and I therefore went down to Park & Shop and purchased cucumber (pre-chopped as seemed to be cheaper), strawberrys (almost as expensive as the Pimms), apples (Braeburn from New Zealand), oranges, ice, mint and 3 litres of Lemonade. I also purchased a rather groovy jug as receptacle and after E and the kids had helped with the chopping and dicing we made our way around the corner to our friends.

As it transpired the host had also prepared some cocktails so from around 1pm we were drinking Mojitos and/or Pimms - the kids running riot all around us. We finished at around 6pm - fortunately we only had a short stagger back home.

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