Thursday, November 18, 2010

A land full of Malls

This particular part of the desert is well served by shopping malls. Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall are the largest - both around the size of Blue Water in England (with MoE boasting its own ski slope!). However there are a large number of slightly smaller malls including the one we visited earlier today call Mirdiff.

Mirdiff is actually a place - along the Emirates Road past the Airport and Festival City (another mall). It was only recently completed and one has to ask - given the plethora of shopping opportunities that already exist - why it was thought that another shopping centre would be a good idea? Having said that it has also the usual benefits of shopping in this neck of the woods - good play areas for kids, restaurants, and of course numerous shops including a large Debenhams a la UK.

The Kids area included a "soccer circus" that had various games which you could improve your footy technique and where it automatically tallied your points and gave you a read out at the end. A and I had a go and it was great fun. The last "game" was set in a stadium where you tried to knock over as many players as possible by kicking the ball at them - we ended up scoring over 26,000 points. We could also check our technique with the video replay and also compare our scores with various "proper" footballers (Kevin Keegan and the Dutch World Cup team from a few years ago). Not by any means cheap (we had been lured their with discount vouchers but as is the way with these things you cannot use them on public holiday) but good fun nevertheless if you are into your football.

Apart from getting lost on the way back and nearly ending up in Sharjar, it was a highly satisfactory day out. Tomorrow we head off to the St Francis Anniversary Mass at Jebel Ali and then to the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach for a short "holiday" - hopefully it will be as good as our last one.

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