Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maidstone Calling

Now back in my old stamping grounds in the UK for the a few days. Lovely day today - blue skies and a crisp bright day. As usual Emirates provided a very smooth ride and the Limo service door to door certainly helped. Had a very pleasant day with Dad and my Sister and her children J and N. There is something quintessentially English about visiting a garden centre - even in the late Autumn and after a visit to the cemetery to see Mum's grave (and transporting half the mud of the Kent countryside back into the car!!) we went to a place called Highgrove which I had passed numerous times but had always thought was a plant research centre. In fact it had pots, plants, vegetables and a small cafe and made a great lunch venue.

Thereafter we had a drive through the Kentish countryside trying to discover the village green in Hunton (no success but Hunton itself has some beatuiful houses).

When I arrive yesterday I was confronted by around half a dozen boxes of stuff E. had ordered over the internet so have just spend the last couple of hours trying to fit everything into the various suitcases I have brought with me. You will also be relieved to here that I tracked down some Match Attax cards (although the main supermarket was sold out so I bought up pretty much the entire sock of a corner shop newsagents!). Up to London tomorrow so will report further then.

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