Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain

We've had rain! A rather unusual event for us during our time in the desert and certainly worthy of note. I did not actually see it myself although I did notice the sky darkening in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. E. described it as slightly higher than normal humidity with a couple of rain drops mixed in so not the relentless drizzle that we know in Mud Island (UK) or the heavens opening 'caught in a waterfall' deluge that occurred in HK during the typhoon season. Nevertheless, the car is looking respectably mud-splattered and the car-cleaners are no doubt reaping the benefits by way of an upturn in business.

When we first arrived earlier in the year we had a couple of days of rain in January/February. These were slightly more substantial affairs and tended to make a more lasting impression (mainly because of the lack of drainage and the flat terrain which caused significant flooding).

One of the great delights of living here is waking up every morning and opening my curtains to clear blue skies and sunshine so I am rather hoping that our arrival here has not signalled a change in weather patterns.

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