Monday, November 1, 2010

October Frenzy

Safa Towers briefly became (even more of) a hotel during the course of October, as we entertained my Father and Uncle (K.), and then after K. had left, my Sister and her family. A house containing 10 people (including 4 children aged 8 or below) is certainly an exciting place to be!

Peace has now returned, so a chance to reflect on October. It started hot (and humid) and remained that way whilst my Father and K were with us (my Father stayed on whilst my Sister was visiting) and they entertained themselves at the pool and at the beach (where they indulged in sunbathing and snorkeling). We also managed a visit to Meat & Co at Souk al Bahar to watch the dancing fountains and some drinks at the Burg Al Arab - surely the last bastion of ostentation in a country which already does a fair amount of ostentatiousness (not sure if that is actually a word!).

The weather became cooler and clearer just as my Sister arrived and we entered probably the best part of the year weatherwise. The coruscating heat of the Summer has been replaced by the more gentle temperatures of Autumn (which appears to have prompted the Landlord to turn on the chiller in the pool...) and for the last two weeks it has been positively balmy. I managed to take a few days off to entertain our visitors which led to a pleasant trip to Bab al Shams and separately a visit to Aqualand which was great fun (although I think I might be getting a bit old for hurling myself done steep drops protected only by a water ring).

The start of the month was marked by my second visit to Doha (Qatar) for a conference which was interesting and I have some travel back to London to look forward to at the end of this month. But for the time being I am able to savour the delights of a (relatively) quiet house and the comfort of my own bed.

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