Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Such a Perfect day

Another rather old musical reference but Lou Reed certainly knew a thing or two about what constitutes a satisfactory day out. Today is a public holiday and it started very well with a lie in as D. took the kids to Al Safa Park. I went over to pick them up at about 11am and the place was buzzing with activity - I had to join a quesu of around 40/50 to get in. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was not too hot and the grass in the park was a vivid green, everyone was having a good time cooking their BBQs, laying football, playing cricket or simply shooting the breeze so it wa very pleasant walk over to the BBQ area where they were waiting.

A. had been playing footy and V. had made some new friends(dressed in a very stylish pink dress donated by her cousin N).

Brunch at Shakespeare next to Park n Shop followed and after we had bought some food for our own BBQ we went to Times Square to get various articles for Alex footballing activities.

Next stop was the beach - very pleasant indeed and then home to a BBQ. Perfect.

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