Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Weekend round-up

A feast of sporting entertainment at the Red Lion last night kicking off with the England/Samoa (I remember when we only used to play Western Samoa) rugby union game. Unfortunately not such a triumph as the win against Australia last weekend but a reasonably convincing victory nevertheless.

Next up was Chelsea -v- Birmingham in the Premiership footy. Again rather unfortunate as Chelsea suffered their second defeat in as many matches - Chelsea and United now locked together at the top of the league with Chelsea ahead on goal difference. Finally the Liverpool v- 'appy 'ammers who were not so happy at losing 3 - 0. At the same time I watched Ireland get hammered by the All Blacks (who said men could not multi-task!

Back to work today and mostly planning the trip to London later in the week and trying to ensure everything is done (it never is but here's hoping!). E. has as usual made sure that my luggage allowance will be used to the maximum so I will be taking two suitcases back with me to collect all the stuff ordered from Amazon etc. Poor old Dad is already complaining about the amount of books etc. that have been delivered home for me to pick up and there are still two deliveries to be made.

In addition to work will try to catch up with some old friends while I am back in London although as I will be based in Docklands I am not sure how easy that will be.

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