Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness........?

As noted in an earlier post we have now very much reached the cooler season here in Dubai. Not quite the same as UK (certainly our garden is not looking particularly fruitful - the grass has retreated from its verdant bushiness at the beginning of the Summer to a rather patchy piebald despite our attempts to use some spare rolls of new grass leftover from a neighbours re-turfing to pep things up while my sister was here). However, the days are clear and the sky is definitely blue - during the heat of the Summer the sky was a hazy white presumably due to the heat haze.

As with elsewhere in the world the shops here are turning their thoughts to Christmas and I was unable to resist a toffee nut latte this morning at Starbucks (so sweet that it made my teeth throb). E. pre-Christmas present shopping has also started so it will be interesting to see how the Golden Date celebrates Christmas - we will be staying in Town and will be visited by my Father and the in-laws. Never quite managed a BBQ on the beach at Christmas in HK so fingers crossed that we can manage it here.

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