Sunday, November 22, 2020

Words (Don’t Come Easy)

Of course my last post should have been titled “Lazin’ on a Sunny Afternoon” - truly an accurate  testament to my proof reading  skills but I do not dare amended it for fear of upsetting the post a day timeline (although I seem to have achieved that already with my post from a few days ago in the wee small hours).

I am not sure how successful my decision to use the musical theme of my post to provide a counterpoint to the subject matter has been - certainly it has led to an increase in drafting time as I have wrestled firstly with an idea for content (and then actually composing something) and then trying to come up with a suitable song title. 

Today is a case in point - my original idea was to use the title “Stop Making Sense” but I see it was actually the album title (named after the film for which it was the soundtrack, for those Talking Heads completists out there) so an alternative was necessary. I also see that nobody has yet taken up the challenge of naming the bands who provided the songs - I might need to make them easier.

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