Saturday, November 28, 2020

Good day Sunshine

A very sporting Saturday as we kicked off with the first of the build up rides for the Dubai Cyclechallenge. A very early start for a Saturday morning but we were rewarded by a fabulous sunrise that greeted us at around 6.30 am on our arrival at the start line in Al Qudra although unfortunately our team leader had what in cycling circles is known as a “mechanical” as he was riding towards the start line involving his wheel coming out of alignment  - very unfortunate as he had a similar problem a few weeks ago so having corralled us to the start line and registered us for the event he was unable to ride (all the hire bikes having been snapped up).

In consequence, I spent rather longer at the front of our group than I would normally expect and I am feeling a little stiff this evening but very pleased with our average speed c.31kmph which will hopefully stand us in good stead for the main race.

For lunch E. and  I headed to the new Waitrose at Motor City where there is a Lime Tree cafe and I indulged in smashed avocado on toast with soft poached eggs - this almost never grows old for me and I really must work out how to make it for myself. 

Tonight was Roast lamb and England beating Wales in the rugby so pretty much a perfect Saturday!

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