Monday, November 23, 2020

Son of my Father

As mentioned in a previous post my Father would normally be in town at this time of year  for the Golf and Rugby 7s. Instead he remains back home in Kent (in fact residing in the home town of the band who achieved success with the song which provides the title of today’s blog) and is busy contemplating the second lockdown of the year. Although 87, he keeps himself reasonably active seeing my Sister and her family  and also his girlfriend J on a regular basis, and religiously does his 1,000 step tour of the house every day notwithstanding the aches and pains that I life time of sport tends to bring.

Like me, he still loves his sport and is an avid fan of Championship rugby which he watches on BT Sport and will also watch the highlights of the football and cricket (he has never got Sky which I guess is slightly surprising but I think he was concerned that if he did, he would not get anything else done!).

He has a huge collection of films that he has faithfully recorded onto videos and which provides a ready source of classic movies for when we visit  (as well as Tom and Jerry compilations which used to keep the kids entertained when they were younger).

His other great love is music. He is in the midst of recording his favourite tunes as played by him on his Grand Piano - he has already produced one disc of bar room favourites from his days of making a big of pin money from playing at the pubs around Penge during his younger days. Sadly the project has been halted by Covid which has prevented his partner in crime (and sound man cum computer expert) J from visiting but hopefully production of the next collection (favourite classical pieces) can resume in the New Year once the promised vaccine has started to be distributed.

I have also been encouraging him to consider a further instalment of his writing endeavours (having already produced and self published 4 (or is it 5. I cannot keep up) of his memoirs) as well as recently producing (with the aforementioned friend J) a Centenary memorial booklet for the local bowls club. He seems understandably reluctant to embark on another writing project given the amount of material that he has already retrieved from him memory but I shall persevere.

He still lives in the family home we moved in to in the mid-70s which also provides a fair amount of things to do to occupy his time including some gardening although he has help with that from my Sister’s friends M and P.

I certainly hope that I have them same levels of vigour and enthusiasm if I manage to get to is age!

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