Saturday, November 14, 2020

All those years ago

I had a quick look at the archive of this blog earlier today - November 2012 to be precise (since November generally appears to be the only time I actually update it...). So A. was 10 and V was 6 and we were still living in Al Safa (erstwhile name for this blog) - V had won best batsman at the mini cricket the kids played at Al Safa Park and her brother seems to have been hors combat due to losing his voice which I have absolutely no recollection of.  The  main sports on TV were the rugby and football with the promise of live Golf (Race to Dubai) and the Rugby 7s to come later in the month. No such luck at the moment. There was some Rugby on TV ( England v Georgia) where England’s hooker Jamie George scored a rather surprising hat trick (which probably tells you all you need to know about the nature of the match). The Golf Masters from Augusta is also on at the moment but does not seem to be on Dubai TV. Neither event has any spectators which for the time being looks likely to remain the position. Roll on an effective vaccine.

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