Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I’m Only Sleeping

One of the reasons that I have been wearing glasses since late teams was my  predilection for reading after my parents had turned the lights out for bed  - I used to carry on reading using whatever light was coming through the crack between the door and doorframe of my bedroom from the landing light. In retrospect this was not such a great idea as the illicit pleasure of unauthorised reading (and finishing a good book) does not outweigh the consequential eye strain that ultimately led to the need for glasses.

I mention this and in particular the challenges of bedtime in the context of my current parental challenges in enforcing a reasonable bedtime for V and A - this seems to be getting harder as we all get older - me because my desire to go to bed as early as possible seems to get stronger with each day whilst both of them seem to have turned into night owls - A has always favoured a late finish over an early start but V was until recently up with the lark. 

No doubt the siren call of the entertainment available on the ubiquitous IPads that I mentioned in my last post accounts for this at least in part and so I have been trying to persuade them both to forego devices at 9 pm. This seems to be having some effect (although it can be hard to tell) but at least I can console myself that even if they are reading after “lights out” it will not be using illumination from a crack in the door frame if the IPad is involved.

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