Friday, November 13, 2020

Spice up your life

Regular readers will know that Friday night is BBQ night and tonight was no exception. The winning formula that has emerged over the last few years has been spicy prawns and steak with some French stick, a ( very) little bit of salad, mozzarella, fried lardons and an avocado dip which mainly comprises avocado, garlic cream and a squeeze of lemon. We also do some garlic chicken on skewers that Em likes and normally have the leftovers cold for lunch on Saturday.

Trying to find something that the whole family will eat has proved something of a challenge but the balance of surf, turf and coop seems to do the trick.

The spicy prawns have evolved over the years but the present iteration comprises large Indian prawns which are marinaded in a combination of garlic (3 or 4 large cloves, chopped), around 2cms fresh ginger (chopped), lemon juice (1/2 lemon - use the reminder for the avocado dip and a G&T), tsp salt, tsp chilli flakes (which is where the spice comes in). I then fritz  this up in a food processor and then stick it in a plastic bag with the prawns.  Normally marinade for an hour or so and the impale on metal skewers. Cooking time is around 3 minutes per side for the prawns (using BBQ coals stoked up to a fairly high heat). We have been using Wagyu striploin steaks which literally take no time at all - maybe 2 minutes a side depending on thickness and if rib eye maybe 3 - 4 minutes a side. The chicken skewers take around 10 minutes.

We also have a film on a Friday. Again finding something everyone likes is challenging but a Bond movie is usually the answer although tonight’s offering- Salt - which was a little like a female James Bond proved acceptable although V found the principal character somewhat hard to like.

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