Saturday, November 7, 2020

Bicycle Race

A cracking Dubai weekend with blue skies, soft breezes and comfortable temperatures.  Lovely bike ride at Al Qudra this morning - less busy than usual so able to find a parking place and managed a very pleasant 60km ride up to the Mosque finding time for a cup of tea before head back to the car with a couple of other riders from our Saturday morning group as we hurtled down what is popularly known as the “stick” with the wind behind us.  Dubai’s cycle tracks are very much designed for the social rider - dedicated cycle tracks through relatively flat and scenic desert landscape and in the winter season it is pretty much perfect for some fresh air and exercise.

After a long,  hot Summer it is great to be able to spend time outside and we have taken full advantage of the ability to sit outside in the sunshine on our (relatively) new garden furniture. I have also recently subscribed to a bird recognition app so looking forward to spotting some unusual visitors to our part of the sandpit.

And in breaking news we finally seem to have (subject to any Court intervention) a new President of the USA so will be interesting to see how Mr Biden gets on with the job.

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