Thursday, November 19, 2020

Don’t Stand so Close to me

Another slightly tangential musical title for this post as the topic today is parent/teacher evenings. Over the years (and rather like trips to the dentist) these have been the cause of some degree of trepidation - although thankfully we have moved away from the summonses that we used to get from the Canadian International School during our time in Hong Kong.

Yesterday was our chance to catch up with As teachers (and I guess this might in fact have been our last PT evening for A which is a sobering thought). It was conducted over videocon using As computer and as I was in work yesterday and the school operate a closed system, I had to join in over zoom meeting we set up using Es phone which was then placed next to the computer screen.

Despite the somewhat complex arrangements, it worked surprisingly well.For reasons that are difficult to explain (but presumably to allow the teachers to get through all the parents they need to see), the sessions were limited to 10 minutes with a strict guillotine - rather better than the 5 minutes we got for our virtual meetings with Vs teachers but still pretty rushed with a couple of the teachers being cut off in mid-flow.

 The main topic was As recent mock A levels and it was noticeable that all the teachers sped up the delivery of words of encouragement and explanation as the countdown towards the end of the 10 minutes got closer - I imagine that a whole evening of that must have been exhausting.

The general messages were fairly positive and we are gearing up for 6 months of revision and exam preparation so I really hope that they actually go ahead next Summer.

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