Monday, November 16, 2020

Sharp Dressed Man

The title of today’s blog only bears a tangential relevance to the content (although I guess that could be said for a number of recent posts...). A number of people have had lockdown projects and whilst there have been a number of activities for me, by far the most controversial has been my lockdown beard that has certainly provoked a variety of reactions from friends, family, colleagues and clients.

My Father has taken a visceral dislike to it although he has finally stopped asking when I am going to shave it off but still cannot resist the odd cutting comment when he spots me during our regular Teams calls adopting a Sherlock Holmes-style reflective beard stroking posture as if pondering a particularly complex problem (I don’t really notice I am doing it but it certainly causes him some irritation). 

Others have been more supportive although one client did refer to me as Grizzly Adams which, whilst I took this as a compliment, was not quite the look I was going for - in my minds eye, it is more George Clooney-esque but the reality is probably  loser to a Mormon elder although not quite as bouffant as the lead guitarists of Z Z Top.

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