Saturday, November 21, 2020

Lazin’ on a Sunny afternoon

Early start for my Saturday morning ride- the one big draw back is the 5.30am alarm call. However, once up and running it is great fun - around 60 km up to the Mosque and the a coffee/tea at the Zads before heading back to the car - this week with a great tail-wind which pushed our speeds up to 56kmph. 

The latter part of the morning and lunch was  focussed on helping V with some cooking homework. The salmon and prawn fish cakes that were produced were very good as was the dill mayonnaise sauce notwithstanding the fact that V had not come across dill  before so was somewhat suspicious.

The afternoon was mainly taken up  with chilling by the pool with the newspaper and the latest Eoin Colfe. Dinner was one of our favourite Nigella roast chicken recipes which G. has mastered to perfection. This evening has been all about England beating Ireland in the rugby and watching Chelsea playing Newcastle United so a very lazy day. [originally posted on 21 November]

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