Thursday, November 5, 2020

Hanging around

The end of another week and the welcome arrival of both the weekend and also a new member of the family - the first bearing my surname since V. was born 14 years ago. My cousin C and his wife L had a little boy this morning so another cousin to add to the roster and the first from my Fathers side of the family for probably around 10 years so great news and another reason for a big family celebration when we finally get back to the UK.

I should add that the news of the new arrival is not related to the title to this blog (regular readers will be aware that there is a song title/line theme to this year’s November post a day - answers in the comments box if you can name the artists). Instead the title is reflective of the fact that for the third day running we are still none the wiser as to the winner of the Presidential election and the best that can perhaps be said judging by the reports coming out of America is that this seems only to be good news for the legal fraternity......

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