Sunday, November 15, 2020

Stray Cat Strut


Regular readers will know we have a cat - Minnie pictured above mid-yawn. This is a rather ironic shot as for those who do not know her, it suggests a degree of  ferociousness which is entirely unwarranted. Her hunting abilities are non-existent (unless you count leafs and the odd feather) and she spends most of the day stalking between her favourite places to sleep - on top of one of the armchairs next to the backdoor, anyones bed and, in the garden, in the gap between the outside dining table top and its base or on the sunlounger. 

We inherited her around 7- 8 years ago from some American neighbours relocating back to the US. In our old house she was very much an outdoor cat spending her nights in the garden  but since moving into the desert, she is confined to barracks from twilight to avoid unfortunate encounters with neighbourhood dogs or the odd desert fox who sometimes visit. Apart from a propensity to be sick on (white) carpets and to yowl mournfully outside my bedroom door at 4am, she is a much loved member of the family and the picture below is probably a better representation of her peaceable nature.

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