Sunday, November 30, 2014

The finish line is in sight

The last day of November and I am not sure that this will count as one of my more productive post a day periods. On the other hand the moustache for Movember is coming a long quite nicely - there is something almost Tom Selleckesque about it at present and I am almost inclined to keep it for a little longer. This weekend was slightly less frenetic then last weekend which is probably just as well as I have been struggling with a cold all week. Dad and I managed to get down to the beach on Friday (the kids joined us later) and we then had a great BBQ (- the spicy prawn went down very well) and I skivvied off footy on the Saturday morning. I also had a crack at Gambas al Ajilio in the evening - it was OK but will try it without butter next time as it was too creamy. In between times we had a couple of hours at V's school fayre which was fun although the lady on the microphone was very noisy. We have just got back from the Fibber's Sunday lunch so I will spend the rest of the afternoon struggling against sleep!

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