Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh Dear!

So I have not posted since last Tuesday and the prospect of achieving 30 Posts (even if they are not necessarily every day) is fast receding. Still I can do an update e of what has been occurring over the last few days. The Quiz with Dad and E was as difficult as predicted but surprisingly we managed a very creditable 6th place achieving exactly 50% in terms of correct answer (although only 1/10 on the first round which was on logos and brands - sample question: Who's logo is "Nation shall speak peace unto Nation"? It transpires that this is the BBC. We were therefore very pleased not to disgrace ourselves.

Wednesday saw our annual marketing event to clients so I was full-on preparing my presentation for most of that morning. It all seemed to go reasonably well but was another late evening as was Thursday where I attended a big do at the Armani Hotel - very well organized with a spectacular backdrop on both sides of the dining area in front of the hotel (the Burg Khalifa on one side and the Dubai fountains on the other). The entertainment was great - singing and dancing as well as a sand drawer - a light-box projecting someone drawing pictures using their hands and fingers using sand - very clever.

Friday and Saturday were a mixture of Church school and parish fete and sport - we went to the golf on both days (watching Rory and Henrik Stenson dueling in the sun) and football at Safa park (which I am still recovering from). So, whilst there is obviously no excuse for failing to keep up with the posting, I was by no means idle.

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