Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quizzical looks

I think I have previously written (possibly on my old blog pub quizzes. We used to do them very regulaly here - Fibber Maghees and the Dhow and Anchor at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel being particular favourites. However, due to the gradual reduction in availability of fellow quizzes mainly as a consequence of people moving back to the UK (most notably G and A, R and V), Quiz nights have been few and far between over the last 12 months or so (athough hopefuly with Dad's arrival on Thursday that might change for a bit). In any event, E and I unexpectedly had a chance to go to the annual school quiz night last Thursday (at DOSC - which made three visits in less than a week having hardly set foot in the place for almost the whole of the nearly 5 years we have lived here). It was very well organised - a large number of participants, excellent food (the butter chicken was particuallay good) and pretty challenging questions. The other members of our team (mainly mates of E from the shool run) were very good so I managed to avoid embarassing myself too much and was very pleased to have been able to name the makers of the album Random Access Memories (Daft Punk since you ask although goodness knows where I dredged that up from as I cannot claim a great deal of knowlege of their ouevre) and whilst we did not come first (or indeed in the top three) we did not come last. All in all a really good Dubai evening as it was very pleasant to be able to sit outside on a balmy (if a little breezy)evening after the heat of the Summer.

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