Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday, Sunday (or Friday, Friday to be more accurate....)

Well, that did not last long! So much for one post per day. As is the way with these things, there is not enough hours in the day and Friday was no exception. I will therefore try and do 3 posts today in order to make up for it! Going back to Friday, Dad is in town and we all when to Church. There are two r/c churches in this part of the desert and we go to the one that is literally in the desert along with all the other non-local churches which are all in the same place. The car park is essentially a huge sandy parking lot where there is very little brotherly love when it comes to parking and exiting. Access is basically a single road in (unless you are pepared to go off-road past the labour camps) and whilst there may be some buses, realistically the only way of getting there is by car. As a result, there are few more hectic sights in this neck of the woods (with the possible exception of the Sheik Zayad road during the Thursday evening ruch hour) than everyone piling into Jebel Ali on a Friday morning (which is the equivalant of Sunday here)and then fighting to get out again once the services are over. At the height of Summer (when the temperatures are generally South of 40oC)an innocent bystanders would never suspect thst the car occupants had just been to Church with all the overtaking/undertaking, beeping of horns and general chaos!

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