Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unaccustomed as I am.....

A hectic few days as I was tied up in preparing a presentation so managed to miss a (week) day blogging. Its quite interesting to see the differences in audience reaction when delivering speeches in different parts of the world. In Hong Kong/China/Singapore there was usually at least one person (and sometimes more) who would be fast asleep which I found a little disconcerting until I realised that it was not simply me boring them to death but that it was a regular occurrence at all conferences I attended. They are also very reluctant to ask questions or indeed to engage in any kind of audience participation. In the Middle East generally the audience is able to keep awake but occasionally get distracted by Blackberrys/Iphones (although I guess this is pretty common wherever you are) whereas in the UK generally speaking audiences are more likely to volunteer questions or participate in some way. I missed out on the Dhow and Anchor quiz as a consequence of the presentation although there was a mini-quiz at the conference which proved to be pretty much impossible – I think I will stick to pub quizzes.

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