Monday, November 26, 2012

Mercury dropping

After temperatures well in to the 80s and 90s over the Summer and October, we are finally getting some cooler weather. Last week we had little bit of cloud and even some rain although this seemed to be confined to a very localised area as we did not see any of it at Al Safa towers. The day time temperatures (out of direct sunshine) have been around the mid 70s and the evenings are (relativily) cool. This is the best time of year in Dubai as generallly speaking the sun still shines and it is more like a Summer's day in the UK. This has all coincided with the visit of an old friend, A. which is rather unfortunate timing after I had assured him of blazing sunshine! There are also rumours that we should be expecting more prolonged rain this coming weekend at the Rugby 7s. This seems a little unlikely since we have not really experienced anything more than a (very) ocasional downpour all the time we have lived here but we shall see.

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