Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twice in one day!

As promised, hereith the second post of the day. Having recently described A's progress over the last year, I thought that I would say something about V. She is still the force of nature described in much earlier blogs but is now much more focussed on what she wants to achieve. V still does her ballet but has also been joining in with A's cricket at Al Safa park on Saturday mornings for the last 6 months or so and seems to be enjoying it even though she is the only girl. She has a terrific throw and can certainly put bat to ball. The coach has praised her for her diligence and this is a real feauture of V's approach to cricket, schoolwork, in fact life generally. When she sets her mind to something, she generally achieves it whether it be the series of "books" she has been writing (a story about a Unicorn, and a summary of her cricketing being the most recent), her drawings/pictures, learning the piano (she has just started lessons)and pretty much any competitive sport that she gets involved with (she is very diffiult to beat at Ispy). She seems to be doing very well at school. Last year, she took a real shine to her Grade 1 teacher (a very glamourous Pole) and won the class prize for diligence at the end of that year (probably the first prize any of us have won for a long while...). Whereas her Brother is very sociable, V. is much more reserved and seems to be quite happy doing her own thing. She invents her own little world (with, it appears, its own langauge - a "tinch" we understand is something very small ("Just a tinch") and a "nip" is when you steal something. "He nipped it away".). She loves her fairy stories and, like A. seems to spend a lot of her spare time on the PC or Ipad playing Minecraft. She is still very tall for her age whch comes in handy for her sporting endeavours. Her writing is very good and her reading is coming along well having really cracked it earlier this year. She is not as eloquent as her brother but nobody is left in any doubt what she means when she has an important opnion to express!

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