Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun in the Sun

The three day weekend for the Islamic new year was just what the Doctor ordered with lovely weather and a feast of cultural and recreational activities. On Thursday we had a lazy day catching up with things around the house and piano practice/lessons etc. after a visit to Soccer Circus in Mirdiff City Centre (A. managed to beat me on one of the activities which pleased him no end). Friday was the St Francis parish festival with various activities (Housey! anyone?) and a selection of foods to keep us all entertained (including a dish claiming to be a Chicken Korma which almost blew my head off – where I come from a chicken korma is a mild curry so goodness knows what the stronger curries tasted like). In the afternoon we went to the ballet at Ductac (my second visit in a week having gone with dad to see the Elizabeth Meister recital on Monday) for Sleeping Beauty by the Moscow City Ballet – very good with perhaps the tallest ballerina (playing the good fairy) I have ever seen – I thought that they all had to be roughly the same height? Afterwards we had some friends around for a BBQ so a pretty packed day. On Saturday we had cricket (V. on her own as A. is still struggling with a bad cough) and football for me (where I managed to hurt my neck – still painful and my head is slight cocked to one side giving me a somewhat quizzical air). V. won the golden bat with 17 runs! I watched the beginning of her innings as she smacked her first two balls for 4 – not bad for a 6 year old and better than her Father achieved at that age. In the afternoon we went to the Teddy’s bears play area for lunch and in the evening I watched (with R) a rather disappointing England lose to Australia. On the plus side Man U lost to Norwich. Back to the grindstone today after a visit this morning to the Doctors because of A.’s lost voice and my bad neck.

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