Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's get quizzical

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have over the last few year participated in a number of pub quizzes in Dubai. Although we have on occasion won various prizes at the Fibber McGhee quiz ("Easy Tiger")this has mainly been as a consequence of pure luck (on the play your cards right competition at the end of each competition) and on being able to come up with a reasonably humourous team name which the Judges would award prizes for ("Arnie's Lovechildren" being a topical favourite from a while back).

In terms of interest (and prospects of winning anything) the Fibber's Easy Tiger quiz is a particualr favourite although the best we have managed is 2nd - generally we have performed best when we have sufficient numbers (and range of abilities) in the team ie those who specialise in the "famous faces" round and that do well at the observation round (requiring a review of a video and answering various questions) and those who are good at the "Creative" round (usually moulding plasticine into something interesting or colouring designs on a T Shirt). Generally if we have our friends R and V and occassionally A. and G with me and E (and sometimes Dad if he is out in Duabi) we do OK. If we had anybody who could do the music round (almost always intros from the last 2/3 years whch tends to rule all of us out) we woud proably win it!

The disadvantage of the Fibber's quiz is that it usually finishes at around 10:45 - 11pm which for a school night is quite late so we have started to experiment with the Dhow and Anchor quiz at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This is a lot more user frinedly in terms of time(starts at 7 and finishes at 8.45pm) but is a great deal harder - we are normally in the bottom half of the list of teams at final results time and on the last two occasions have been in the bottom two. We are planning on going tonight so hopefully with a full team, we will improve on this position!

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